NOPS Vs Sileby Interclub Comptition

Monday September 22 saw our first interclub competition with Sileby PS.

Interesting style of judging for this interclub competition.

Malcom liked to suggest addition storyline to an image car crashes, people jumping out the window or a throwing something at the subject to get them to do something different.

Malcom selected the first image as his winner from the get go, he then selected the second image for his second place and third likewise.

Once he found a better image he’d replace one of his top few and score the one he removed.

For a good 14 images we had 4 images in the top selection on the prints, resulting in a, 18, 19, 20.

Sileby gained 1 in the top 4 which gained a 20.

In the PDIs NOPS gained 6 held back and Sileby gained 3.

Overall there was a good selection of images in both prints and PDIs, the final scores

Print Section

Sileby 226

NOPS 230

PDI Section

Sileby 208

NOPS 218



Sileby 434

NOPS 448


Well done to NOPS, a return leg next year has been proposed for 2015.

Ben – Comp Sec 2014