Interntional Inter Club Competition

Our first ever international inter club competition took place late May / early June 2014.


The idea of having an international inter club competition has been floating around for a few years now, late 2013 I checked out a few clubs in New Zealand and Australia, and decided to settle on contacting some from NZ.

We had a positive response from Rangiora Photographic Society and after sorting out some guidelines and including a themed section, we selected our images.

The themed section was called “Our Land and Culture”, this was to reflect the country, people and traditions of our respective home land.

NOPS leg of the competition took place on May 15 and Rangiora’s leg was early June.

Both clubs had 15 images the open section and 10 each in the themed section.

NOPS had John Anfield as the judge and Rangiora had Nathan Pohio, both judges had a job on their hands with the high quality of images that had been submitted by each club.

From the home leg, congratulations goes to Lester for Pol Pot Survivor for scoring 20 in the open section and from the themed section Sue Jackson score 20 with Rush Hour.

From the away leg open section the highest score awarded was 18, this went to Sue Hartley with Art Appreciation, Ian Pinn with Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law, and Waiting To Pray by Lois Webb, and from Rangiora First Light, Pied Stilt Golden Calm and Reflections from Kevin Bowie, Maxine Cooper and Lynn Barr respectively.

In their themed section 20 was awarded to Wollaton in the Snow by Ben Rawson.

Congratulations to all those mentioned.

This open section of the competition was a close run thing with both clubs scoring 249 points at NOPS and 248 point each at RPS.

The themed section was a little less close run, but not by much, at the home leg NOPS scored 173 and RPS 163 and at the away leg NOPS scored 165 and RPS scored 160.

This score difference on the themed section gave NOPS the overall win by just 15 points.

We look forward to another tussle in 2015.



Comp Sec 2014


Below is the scores for each image from each club along with a few images…

Open Section

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Themed Section

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