Robin Hood Exhibition

The Robin Hood Open Exhibition, is our local exhibition and is very prestigious and well subscribed event.

The standards are high and the images are stunning, with a number of categories for the 2014 event.

It goes without saying that it’s never easy to get images accepted for this exhibition.

It’s therefore, extremely encouraging to find that no less than 5 NOPS members had a total number of 12 images accepted this year.

We are still a smallish club in comparison with many of the others in the N&EMPF federation, but we are growing as we all know, but based on this result, numbers do not always equate to ability.

The NOPS photographers are still going from strength to strength and we are very well placed to challenge larger clubs and as this result shows, have the quality to impress.

I’m very proud and extend a resounding congratulations to all who took part.

A very well done, to all the below named NOPS members in getting their images accepted and commiserations to any member who entered and did not get an acceptance this year.

PETRONAS TOWER by Chris Holdsworth (Monochrome Section)

MISTY TREE by Ian Pinn (Natural Colour Section)

PIER AT DUSK by Ian PInn (Natural Colour Section)

CITY CYCLING by Ian Pinn (Monochrome Section)

HAPPISBURGH DAWN by Ian Pinn (Landscape Section)

MAX by Mitch Tuffil (Monochrome Section)

REACH by Scott Wilson (Natural Colour Section)

DOWNTOWN by Scott Wilson (Natural Colour Section)

TOWER BRIDGE by Scott Wilson (Monochrome Section)

ALL BELT AND NO BUCKLE by Scott Wilson (Landscape Section)

NERVE CENTRE by Scott Wilson (Landscape Section

TURF FEN DRAINAGE MILL by Lester Woodward (Landscape Section)



2014 Chairman