Outlaws Treasure Hunt 2014

Certainly a new item on the programme since I have been a member, so it was interesting to see how it would go.  The basic premise was to have a series of photographic themes that each person was required to find and shoot.  5 points where awarded for actually finding and shooting the theme and then an additional 0-5 points awarded for  “photographic style” and “interestingness”, giving a total of between 0-10.

Just to add a bit more variety, there were 8 common themes and then an additional 3 random themes.

Rather than having a few scraps of paper with the themes on (my idea) Lois mentioned she had created some similar cards for some of her photo shoots.  Blimey, what Lois produced are very very professional looking idea cards, they are laminated and branded as NOPS.  Big big thank you to Lois, I’m sure we’ll use them again.

Also, just to qualm a bugbear of mine, yes you were allowed to post-process your images (what’s the point of shooting in Raw otherwise!).

The 8 themes that all had to find were.

Statue, Silhouette, Reflection, Transport, A place to sit, An entrance, Long exposure, Street Art.

There were loads of randoms, a few examples being: Red, Queue,  Pattern, Stripes, Insect, Fish, Rubbish, Candid Portrait, Circle, Music, etc.

The weather on the day of the shoot was horrible, but it managed to dry up just in time, so maybe we were in for some good reflection shots.  Cards were given out and recorded, so after the most  important decision, namely which pub to meet in, off we all went.

I think its fair to say we all enjoyed the shoot, it seemed to add to the evening, having something to look for and shoot, rather than just looking for shots, it definitely aided the creative juices.

Great time in the pub afterwards, especially watching Tom trying to get “that” shot inside the pub, nudge nudge.

There was a “live” judging on the tips and tricks night, this was cleverly done on our competition software by having the images title as the theme it represented, many thanks to Ben for setting that up.

Ben won the gift voucher (yes there was a prize), his winning images are shown below.  My top image was the crying statue, yes I know we should credit the sculptor, but credit to Ben, It was on theme and brought real personality to a statue.