1st Print competition 2014

Thursday 27 March saw our 1st print competition of 2014, the theme was “2 of a kind” and the judge was Ashley Franklin.


Ashley is a professional photographer with many years experience in taking photos and being a judge.

I was surprised myself by how many entries we had, must have been the excitement of the first print comp of the year.

Great comments as ever, especially with the, dare I say lower scoring images.

Good positive comments about how to improve the images and suggesting what was weak with them.

It was interesting how many black and white images were presented, I hope everyone agrees that it’s nice to see them.

The images that were retained for a second viewing were all of a very high quality.

Picking between the top 3 was a very tough task.

It was good to see a that within the themed section the graphic images were well represented.

It was interesting to note that both section winners were shot by women!

So well done to Sue Hartley for winning the themed section with “Gannet Rivals” and to Lois Webb for winning the Open section and for being the overall winner with “Waiting to pray”.

Ben – 2014 Comp Sec