Fire Spinning

March 13 saw over 20 of the members congregate on the Forest Rec with some of the Fields of Fire fire spinning team.

This was a chance to meet and photograph these guys doing what they do best, there was a selection of tools of the trade they were using, from swords to staffs to poi to fans.

Each of these give a widely different effect and therefore plenty plenty of pattens to be shot.

With the amount of photographers that turned up prime shooting spots were up for grabs, many a shot had someones tripod leg making an unwanted appearance.

Some of us even put into practice 2nd curtain sync flash getting some good results.

After about 90 minutes of shooting and lots of paraffin burn, all eye brows and heads of hair (for those who have it) were still intact, there were plenty of photographs that now needed to be processed.

Chris Newham, as his want is, also used his Go Pro to record a video of the evening.

Watch Chris’s video here:

Below are a selection of images from the members.

The group of Fire spinners are know as Fields of Fire and their details can be found on Facebook by clicking here


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Ben Rawson

Stella Newman

Rick Martindale

John Purchase

Paul Broom

Chris Newham

David Combs

Lois Webb

Tom Cross

Angie Baxter


Written by Ben Rawson