1st PDI Competition 2014

February 27 2014 saw our 1st PDI competition of the year

Many thanks to Malcolm Sales for the judging, it was really interesting that such a breadth of images were held back in the open.

I feel we are starting to widen our range of genres and the fact that Malcolm acknowledged this was most appreciated.

I’m sure we were getting worried at one stage that the black and whites were not being displayed to their best, but the winner in the the theme laid that fear to bed, a really great black and white. Well done Lois.

The ants probably did just edge it, but as always caused lots of good banter in the bar afterwards.

Two Georges on one image was almost too much to take, but I think we all survived.

Congrats to SueHartley on her winning images. Socks need to be pulled up!



Competition Sec