Chest Waders – user review

No issues crouching around

I took it as an omen, standing in the shallow water at the side of lake Buttermere and my foot going cold and numb, “that’s odd I have a wet foot, even with wellies on and no sign of any waves that may have gone over the top”.  No surprise then when I retreated to the shore to find that my welly had sprung a leak.  So what to replace them with, the more experienced members of the club were always extolling the virtues of waders, and chest waders at that, so time to give them a go.

A quick word with Chris N and yep chest waders was the way to go, however a quick look on the internetweb and the nice neoprene beasties ran at £80 and upwards!, so as a fully paid up member of the skinflint club were there any alternatives (other than tying plastic bags round my feet).  I eventually tracked some down on ebay and took the plunge.

Item Description:

  • Colour: Camouflage
  • Material: 79D Nylon fabric with a PVC coating
  • Weight: Approx 2-3kg
  • 100% waterproof
  • Double stitching, hermetic wateproof tape on all seams
  • Adjustable elastic suspenders with quick release buckles
  • Adjustable belt with quick release buckle
  • High quality anti slip PVC boots
  • Elasticated top
  • Storage pocket on the front
  • Will fit almost everyone due to elastication

£28.95 free postage

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Very quick delivery took all of 2 days.  Well what a shock when they turned up, they seemed enormous, they did say one size fits all.  I should point out that I’m normally an 8(42) and ordered the 9.  A quick try on and I was in with room to spare, but a quick inner sole and thick socks and they didn’t seem too bad, in fact with a jumper and fleece I felt really snug.

So for a field test, I was already going to the Lake District (hence buying them really).

In the field they were a really nice surprise, the fact they are perhaps a bit big in the body is very good as you can actually get in and out of them.  First test was a very cold frosty morning at Ennerdale, I only paddled but they were very useful for walking through frosty grass ( an unexpected bonus) also reasonably comfortable walked about 2km in them with no noticeable discomfort.  Second test was as Wastwater, managed to wade out to above the wellington boot seam and no leaks, they proved really really useful when bending down as your backside didn’t get wet or the usual water sneaking into the back of your boots.  I also clambered around in a waterfall, again no leaks.   The only thing to be aware of was the cold of the water, again being on the large side that did allow for a lot of underlayers which I think you need.

yes, they seem enormous...



 No issues crouching around

No issues crouching around
















So I haven’t tried them in the sea yet, but have no reason to think there will be a problem, so overall score:

Build Quality  3.5 / 5

Performance  4   /  5

Value for Money  5   /  5

I have since spotted a plain colour version for only £18.95 + £5.95,   but I feel the Camouflage actually makes you look less odd walking about, but that’s just a personal thing.

In conclusion I would highly recommend chest waders, certainly enable you to get into some better positions especially in waterfalls.  They are also excellent for helping you compose your shot as you dont have to worry about getting a wet bum, whilst crouching down.

Yes its a wet rock...

Yes, its a wet rock...