NOPS Christmas Dinner

Last Friday night many of NOPS members, old and new met at The Wheatsheaf in Burton Joyce for the club’s Christmas meal.

The words on everyone’s lips were “I can’t remember what I ordered!”. Fortunately Sue was one step ahead so we all settled down to what we fancied in October which surprised many of us. Over the three courses there was the predictable tog banter over Nikon Versus Canon and other well worn topics but the Christmas cheer was abundant and we remained friends. On our table the biggest discussion involved Jamie’s choice of drink. Fortunately he sat next to Scott who gave him an abridged education on brewing.

Christmas crackers provided more entertainment through traditional bad jokes and tacky gifts though Sue was sad to see her pretty fan squashed by Jamie. I think the prize for who kept their hat on longest went to Ian. Ben won the prize for eating all the pies.

It was a fun evening and came to an end all too soon. thanks Sue for organising. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Lois Webb