It’s amazing where our photography takes us

Here we have a relatively new member of the NOPS family entering a competition held by a very large and well known company.
The competition, held on a monthly basis, declared this image the winner for December.

The company is BASF Europe North, the competition title “A View From My Window”

The Image title “Come Fly With Me”, the photographer Michael Rodger.
Michael’s images shows the wing section of a Virgin Atlantic Boing 747-400 at 32,000 feet on his travel to Cancun, Mexico earlier in the year.
Which camera was it taken on, the best one of course, that’s the one he had at the time and got the shot. I bet he didn’t know it at the time, but he was very well placed for the theme of this competition.
Clearly a timely reminder to us all, get out there taking images, get them into competitions. You just never know the nature of the next competition you’re going to enter.

Well done Michael
Pity your good lady has already claimed your prize though…. ah well the prestige of being a competition winner will have to be enough for now.

George Reilly