NEMPF Results 2014 Exhibition

Over the last couple of months our members have been putting together their entry for the NEMPF 2014 exhibition, this is always a frantic time with many questions flying around…

What should I put submit? Will it get accepted? Does it look better as a print or PDI? etc etc etc.

When all the images were supplied we had a total submission of 185 images from 15 members, so a fair sized submission and our highest to date.

Once the entries are sent away, there is then the nervous wait to see who has had images accepted and what awards people have won.

This week those fears were answered, as a club we had 29 images accepted, about 16% of submissions, not as high as hoped but a fair level non the less.


We would like to congratulate the following people for having images accepted…

Ben Rawson – 2 Mono PDIs

Chris Newham – 2 Mono Prints & 4 Colour Prints – including a selectors choice and 2 certificates of merit

Ian Pinn – 1 Mono Print, 2 Colour Prints & 1 Nature PDI

Lester Woodward – 1 Mono PDI & 1 Colour PDI

Lois Webb – 1 Colour Print & 2 Colour PDIs – including a commended

Rick Martindale – 1 Mono Print & 2 Colour Prints

Scott Wilson – 3 Mono Prints, 1 Colour Print & 3 Colour PDIs – including a selectors choice

Steve Roper – 1 Colour Print

Sue Hartley – 1 Colour Print


This year the exhibition will be hosted by Durban House, Eastwood – presentation and opening day will be Saturday 11th January 2014 at 2.00pm. More details will follow nearer the time.


The 3rd April 2014 we will have the recorded lecture that will show all accepted images from the region.


Below are the accepted images.