NOPS v MPS Battle 2013

1st November saw our annual inter-club battle with Melbourne Photographic Society.

In previous years this has always been a close run battle, so we felt that we needed to put on our A game to make sure we had any chance of winning.


This battle was held on home turf, with Dave Gibbins being the judge.

Dave is a local and well respected photographer, he is fair in his comments and scoring.

In any inter-club battle, it is always the best images of each club that are put in front the judge, so this can make such events even more difficult with the standards being so high.

There were a few weaker images on both sides, and Dave would compare these to other of a higher grade to show where the weaker image could improve.

He brought out the good points of a shot and liked those that were dramatic and full of detail.

NOPS had 6 prints and 8 PDIs held back for later consideration and MPS had 4 prints and 3 PDIs held back.

Below are the images that NOPS had held back.

The final scores were as follows


Club                      Print      PDI         Total

NOPS                    245         254         499

MPS                       231         234         465


With 34 points in NOPS favour this was a resounding win.

Congratulations go to Scott for scoring 20 in both prints and PDIs with The Railwayman (print) and Dawn over Brooklyn (PDI), both excellent images

We would like to thank MPS for the competition and look forward to visiting their club next year if they’ll have us.

We’d also like to thank Dave Gibbins for his comments and scores on the night.


After the battle was over, there was an opportunity for all to participate in a buffet and some socialising comparing images, photographic experiences and other photography related things we get up to in our spare time.