Scott Wilson – Outlaw extraordinaire!

I am sure you are all familiar with Scott’s success at the Outlaws this year (and indeed prior to that), however, you may not be aware of Scott’s other successes both Nationally and Internationally.

Over this current year Scott has upped his game and entered many exhibitions all over the world, many of his results have been previously published on our Website.

Of late I have had trouble keeping up with all this activity and I thought a summary would help.

Here, in a nutshell is a few of Scott’s latest accolades;

Dingwall National Projected Image Exhibition

4 acceptances; Rojo,Dunstanburgh Moon & Mist,Las Gruas and Dawn over Brooklyn.

Landscape Photographer of the Year

2 images into the final book; Black Rock Cottage by Moonlight (Commended and featured in the Sunday Times, and, Hartland Quay. This is a notoriously difficult competition to even get shortlisted, never mind getting into the book/Exhibition and Sunday Times!

3rd Arctic International Exhibition (Finland)

8 acceptances, namely;

St Mary’s/Colston Bassett

Footsteps in the snow

No Diving (GOLD medal for best travel image)

Chasing the Dragon (GOLD medal for best Landscape image)

Puffin with Sand Eels

Speed King


The Furrowed Brow


Digital Photo Magazine- The Railwayman image feature


Oxford International Exhibition

6 acceptances, namely;

Chasing the Dragon

The Railwayman

Brooklyn Dawn

Colorado Pumpkins

Dunstanburgh Moon, Mist rising

Waking the Old Man

Shrewsbury National Exhibition

3 acceptances, namely;

Arctic Tern

Chasing the Dragon

Black Rock by Moonlight

So, the next time you see Scott give him a pat on the back and congratulate him, he deserves it! And if you need any guidance on entering these exhibitions I’m sure he’ll help you out.






Ian Pinn-NOPS Chairman 2013