Coming soon…… a Camera Club near you, the 2013 KitKat trip DVD

Just a taster as to what’s in store on this year’s trip to the Lake District.

Some 14 NOPS members made the trip to the North West this year and were under strict instructions to capture as many behind the scenes (BTS) images as ‘serious photographs’! It tends to be the BTS shots that raise the most laughs as we view all members caught in uncompromising situations, I know we have some great images from this trip, can’t wait!


This is just a taster as to what you can expect, Chris (Newham) will be taking bribes to leave out any you feel uncomfortable with, but his price is on the high side. This year we also have some soundtracks to add in and all the footage from Chris’s new GoPro camera promise to add a different twist.


So heres the trailer for you to enjoy (?)