Meet the OUTLAW – Nick Pearce

Hi this is Nick,

As a teenager in Norfolk, I started with a Zenit 35mm camera which I used at several Mildenhall airshows. After one show, taking 100 images, that following 35mm processing came out as small dots in a big sky, I invested in a Tamron zoom lens. 

My photography continued after coming to Nottingham as an 18-year-old student. Here I bought an Olympus OM10 and later an OM1 body. Much of my free time was spent walking with my college hiking club so photography was mainly limited to landscapes. Once in my Polytechnic life I went out to a night car rally with one of the many college clubs. Only to find out in the pub later that all the drivers were annoyed at being blinded by ‘someone’ (yes me!) using a flashgun by the roadside.

My photography continued, purchasing an early Fujifilm digital camera, during early years of my son growing up, recording family holidays to many European countries. I became more of a serious hobby photographer after purchasing a Panasonic Lumix bridge camera used on a one-week holiday to New York, here I started to look for interesting buildings and moved away from merely record shots.

I joined Nottingham Outlaws in 2016 and quickly enjoyed the company, interesting lectures and viewing the competition images. I love our KitKat trips each September, starting with Portishead in 2017. The fact that you are immersed in your photography day and night for a long weekend really helps to improve your technique. 

My current kit is Canon 80D with several canon lenses including the 100-400 Mk1 and the 28-105.My  aim is to photograph the Northern Lights in this country so nightly I’m scanning various apps to see if the prospects are good, time will tell if I’m successful.