July 2023 3rd print Competition

This was the third print competition of the year and Lois Webb currently holds the top position in the Outlaw league table. The evenings judge was David Kissman  

There were two categories to judge, the Open category and the Themed which was “Back Lighting (Contra Jour)”. In total there were 26 entries in the open and 23 in the themed.

The Open competition again attracted a wide variety of genres of photography and the themed competition equally had some interesting images and David gave detailed critique before scoring all the images presented to him.

Theme Back Lighting (Contra Jour)

The themed prints were all of a high standard. Seven images were held back for final scoring and the winner was Lois Webb with her image entitled SHANGHAI KITE FLYERS.

The winning image by Lois Webb entitled SHANGHAI KITE FLYERS            

Lois Webb scored 18 with LIGHT ON THE EDGE, Chris Houldsworth scored 18 with TUSCAN TWILIGHT and 19 with SUNDOWNER, Nigel Stewart scored 19 with SIGNALS STEAM & THE LOCO DRIVER. 20 Points were also given to Lester Woodward with GOLDEN SHADOW, and      Malcolm Nabarro with ADMIRING THE LIGHT.

Open category

In the open category 8 images were held back for final judging and the winner was Lois Webb with her image entitled WOUNDED.

The winning image by Lois Webb entitled WOUNDED

John Young scored 18 with WOODED WATERFALL, Malcolm Nabarro scored 18 with YOUNG SOLDIERS IN JERUSALEM, Nigel Stewart scored 18 with STORM OVER SOUTHSTACK LIGHTHOUSE, Ray Andrews scored 19 with AFTER THE SUN, and Malcolm Nabarro scored 19 with OUT OF SEASON PIER. 20’s were also scored by Nigel Stewart with WAITING TO BOARD THE TRAIN, and Tim Penhale with HIDDEN BEAUTY.

The Outlaws would like to thank David for providing everyone who entered with a beneficial comments and appreciation of their works.