3rd Print Competition

On 25 June we held our 3rd print competition of the year, with the usual open section and the theme this time was “Tall”, we had Steve Myall as the judge

Steve didn’t have our usual high entry to deal with, with just 42 images for the whole evening, this, however allowed him to spend a little more time giving some good comments on each image.

The quality of the work was there (as usual) so Steve’s work was cut out selecting those top images and giving one image from each section that elusive score of 20 out of 20.

Steve’s take on the theme Tall was interesting, he looked at the feel of the image and preferred those that gave the feeling of tall rather than just being tall, Scott’s Manhattan Sundown missed out with this line of thinking, yes those Manhattan sky scrapers are tall, but as you looking down on them it didn’t have the feeling of being tall, on the other hand Scott’s image “The Tree, The Cloud And The Vain Goat” was pulled out for later review as the goat looked tall because of the perspective of the image.

Congratulation go to Chris Newham for winning the open section and being the overall winner with his “Fractures In Sky & Sea – Bamburgh” and to Michal Tekel for his “Standing Tall” image for winning the themed section.

Open section and the Overall winner: “Fractures In Sky & Sea – Bamburgh” by Chris Newham

Themed section winner: “Standing Tall” by Michal Tekel

Please see  the Gallery of all selected images below.

The first 7 images are those selected for further review from the open section the last 7 are those from the themed section