International Acceptance

In the past few months Ben Rawson our competition secretary has submitted to the Japanese International Photographic Federation’s (JIPF) annual exhibition and had 2 images accepted.

This was the first international exhibition that Ben has ever submitted to, so when he learnt of his acceptance it was with great joy.

The images that were accepted are…

Ashness Bridge

River Rocks

Ashness is a well known beauty spot in the Lake District with wonderful vistas and a quintessentially English countryside feel, the “River Rocks” image was taken a little further up stream towards What Standwell.


Following this acceptance he submitted to Serbia’s annual exhibition and has had 1 image accepted.

The accepted Image was …

Carnival Queen

This image was taken at Nottingham’s 2012 Caribbean Carnival, the colour and smile on the woman stand out well and show the vibrancy of the Carnival.

We would like to congratulate Ben on these acceptances and wish him and other members of the club good luck in future exhibition submissions.