The 3 Amigo’s go west!

A tale of 3 Outlaws’ trip to Welsh Wales (Scott, Chris and Ian)

Date; Friday 17th May 2013

Time; 23:00 hours (yes it was night time, when most sane people are tucked up in bed)

Location; Ian’s house

Scott Wilson, Chris Newham and Ian Pinn pack Scott’s car for a day trip to Wales.

With the car duly packed we headed for the North coast of Anglesey and left Bingham on schedule at 11pm, SatNav predicting a 3 ½ hour drive. We drove (well Scott did) through the night and arrived on the coast of Anglesey at just before 3 a.m. we were going to shoot the stars but we had 100% cloud cover so abandoned that for an hour’s kip, alarms were set and after what seemed about 5 minutes went off and it was a quick brew and call of nature before we loaded up and set off towards the bay, Chris’s normal underestimate of 10 minutes walk was not too far off the mark (for a change) and we arrived at the abandoned factory in a very picturesque bay, the tide was in and wave action was very poor, but the location was fantastic, abandoned buildings, kilns, boilers  etc were all around us and it was going to be a full shoot.

Copyright Chris Newham 2013


We all opted to go our own separate ways and set off to fill the hour or so pre-dawn shooting opportunities. As dawn approached (5am) there was a glimmer of colour on the horizon and we all opted to await some action on the beach, we all set up and awaited with anticipation, it did not disappoint and we had about 10-15 minutes of superb light and colour, shutters were clicking at a frantic rate of knots to cash in whilst we could .

Copyright Scott Wilson 2013

Copyright Chris Newham 2013


No sooner had it started it finished and we wandered around looking for detail shots etc and come 7am we decided to abandon and find somewhere for breakfast. When we left location we noticed the light looked promising towards the south east of the island so decided to bob into Penmon and see what the light was like. After about half an hour drive the light was not favourable so breakfast once again headed the agenda. We left Anglesey and found a Little Chef near to Bangor so breakfast it was. From here we decided to look in on ‘Devils Kitchen’ as it was only about 10 minutes from the Little Chef, our faithfull guide, Chris, said it was only a 10 minute walk from the car park! Here we go again! So, after about a 25 minute ascent up one of the lesser Snowdonian peaks we arrived at a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, we set up and had a nice hour before heading down and back on the road home. Arrived back in Bingham mid afternoon, some 15 hours after leaving and about an hours sleep, the things you have to do to get those shots? Some say landscape photography is easy as well!

A very tiring journey but great day out nonetheless, it was nice to get back into the routine of some serious photography as this year has been very unproductive to date. Once again, great company and thanks to Scott for the driving.

Here’s to the next trip

Ian Pinn

NOPS Chairman 2013