Meet the OUTLAW – Phil Hodgkinson

As a child I spent a lot of time around photography as my Dad was an enthusiast which often resulted in myself and siblings either in front of a camera or waiting for a shot to be taken whilst on holiday or on trips out. As a result I remember being keen on having a camera, so on my 7th birthday I was presented with the first that I could call my own – a 110 film cartridge type Kodak and I loved it.

This camera was used to snap everything from terrible photos of friends to terrible photos of nature etc.
In my early teens I progressed to my first SLR, a Yashica with which I took slightly better snaps of family, friends and scenery. In my late teens however my already diminishing interest came to a complete halt when my camera was stolen.

In recent years, seeing photos my Dad was producing and further more editing and printing thanks to the digital age, my interest in photography began to reawaken and about five years ago I purchased my first DSLR camera – a Canon 500D.
My early experiences with this camera were quite frustrating to say the least; I could not seem to get a good shot. After speaking with my Dad it became clear to me that I was expecting far too much and without learning to use the camera correctly things would not improve and I may as well sell up and get an ultra-compact. I dabbled with this camera for a couple of years with photos getting slightly better over time but still not using it for anything other than family and holiday pictures.

In January 2013 I took my first trip out with the intention of JUST taking photos with my Dad, this outing was pivotal to me as I took a lot of information and tips on board and saw a real difference in my attitude toward photography. Soon after, I bought a Canon 7D which I still use today and some better glass and have not looked back since.

I must admit that it is quite a learning curve going forward to the digital world of photography! Not only would I need to learn to use to camera correctly but also in order to get the most out of my images I would need to learn digital processing and printing. Despite this daunting task I really wanted to improve and knew that I would benefit in widening my photographic social circle.

With this in mind I sought a camera club with whom I could gain advice & knowledge and hopefully improve my photography so with my Dad, we attended an evening as visitors at the Nottingham Outlaws. We were so impressed with the club program and the enthusiasm of the members that in April 2014 we signed up as full members and have never looked back since.

I do not really have a favourite genre of photography, it is quite diverse, I just like images that hold my attention or capture my imagination or stir an emotion. Likewise I do not have a particular influence within the world of professional photography, other members of the club tend to be the ones who inspire & influence me and I am regularly in awe of some of the images they produce and the lengths they go to in order to get that image. The members of NOPS are real stars and as long as they keep snapping away and providing me with inspiration, I will strive to achieve better in my photography.

At this juncture, I do not have many images to share as I am new to photography as a serious hobby and this is reflected in my Outlaws gallery and my Flickr page but the flip side of this is that my gallery can now represent my beginnings and give me something to reflect on over time as my knowledge and skillset improves.

After a quiet 2014 I am looking forward to a productive future with Nottingham Outlaws that sees my photography improve as well as my proactivity in club competitions.


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