About The Nottingham Outlaws

Why Join The Nottingham Outlaws?


  • Openly encourage and welcome new members.
  • Are a people focused societies, catering for young or old.
  • Encourage beginners, enthusiasts, amateurs & professionals,
  • Support digital or traditional photography practices,
  • Don’t differentiate over which camera you used
  • Provide a friendly and welcoming venue for any like-minded individual to discuss their photographic interests
  • Promote open discussion and collectively have enough photographic knowledge to answer the majority of questions on the subject.- If you have a question, please ask away, there are no stupid questions, they have all been asked before!
  • Encourage everyone to participate in our full program of events, which include
    • Lectures
    • Displays
    • Practical events
    • Outside events
    • Inter-club, International and Internal competitions
    • Social evenings


We meet at the “The Richard Herrod Centre”, Foxhill Road, Carlton, which has a lounge, bar area & spacious car park (see the location map). Visitors should speak to the Richard Herrod Centre staff to obtain directions to the club room.


It can be daunting walking in to a new scene, so why don’t you visit us for two weeks, before joining & try before you buy! What have you got to loose?

NOTE – Please check our program before you travel to meet us. We may be out taking pictures (Click here for programme).

For more information please visit our membership section or if you have some questions, check out our FAQ page or feel free to contact any one of the committee members.


We really look forward to meeting you soon!


            Updated: – 2/6/15 by Steve Roper & George Reilly